Secured Loans

Available as share or certificate.

See just how much you can save at Hawaiian Financial FCU. Review our rates and see what you can afford with our loan calculator. Our loan calculators will provide you with monthly payments and interest paid based on the term of the loan.

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Secured Loan Rate
Type of Loan

Share Secured
Up to 3 Years
Share Rate + 3.00% ++
4 Years
Share Rate + 4.00% ++
5 Years
Share Rate + 5.00% ++

Certificate Secured
Certificate + 3.00% ++

+ Annual Percentage Rate
++ 90% of amount available in Share Account
+++ Not to exceed term of certificate
All rates are subject to change without notice and are effective as of September 4, 2018.

The Annual Percentage Rate that you receive will be within the disclosed range and is based on certain creditworthiness factors. Please contact us for the rate you qualify for.

If you need more information, please email our Loan department at or call 1-808-832-8740.