Kids Club

This account is designed for children age 0 - 12. Earn gifts and get great savings-stickers with each deposit. A Kids Club Account earns dividends just like a regular share account.

For a smart financial beginning, open a Kids Club account with a minimum deposit of $25. Each child will receive a passbook to record their savings with special spaces for deposit stamps. Each time the child makes a deposit they will receive saving-stickers. In addition, after the initial deposit, the child will receive a coupon for every $100 deposit increment over the account's highest balance amount*. The tokens can be redeemed for great credit union merchandise.

With Kids Club, each child has something to look forward to. The Credit Union loves our Kids Club members and we want to make sure you get lots of stuff.

  • For every birthday, a Kids Club member will receive a coin folder that can be filled up and redeemed for a Kids Club coupon.
  • For every $100 that is deposited in the Kids Club account, a Kids Club member will receive Kids Club tokens. Kids Club members may earn up to 15 tokens per month and redeem them for credit union merchandise.
  • Each time you visit the credit union and do a transaction, you'll get a free sticker and a stamp in your passport. If you have any questions, please call 832-8700. Happy savings!

Designed for kids age 0-12. This account requires $25 to open and there is no monthly fee. For more information on opening deposits, click here.

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Kids Club Rate
Savings Account
Dividend Rate
Min. Initial Deposit
Min. Balance¤

Kids Club Savings

* Annual Percentage Yeild
¤ Minimum average monthly daily balance to avoid service fees.
All rates are subject to change without notice and are effective as of September 4, 2018.

If you need more information about this account, please email New Accounts at or call 1-808-832-8700.